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I am not a member of MIHRM, can I take part in the public programme ?
Everyone regardless of whether they are members or not, they can certainly register to join our public programme.
Are all MIHRM organized programmes claimable under HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund)?
What kind of discount can I expect?
Can I choose to attend on certain days?
Where are the Public Programmes normally held?
Can I use my credit card to pay?
If we are not able to get the payment in time when the course begins, what should we do?
Who is qualified to become a member of MIHRM?
Those who are in the HR profession are qualified and also those who support the cause of MIHRM.
What activities does MIHRM organize ?
Is MIHRM a Professional body and which international body is it affiliated to?
What can I do to be a member of MIHRM?
What is the difference between the Certified Human Resource Officer and the Certified Human Resource Manager course?
The CHRO level is targeted at working adults who have little or no knowledge and work experience in the HR function. The CHRO level covers the basic functional and operational aspects of HR. The CHRM level is for working adults with at least 2 years working experience in HR and who wish to obtain more in-depth knowledge in the HR functional areas.
What course can I take after completing the CHRM?
What is the duration of the CHRM programme and what happens if I miss a class?
Are there a lot of exams involved?
How about the project paper?