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Ms. Yeoh Beng Choo

Senior HR Executive

“Excellent Consultancy”

Mr. Vincent Tan

GM, ATS Malaysia S/B

MIHRM has been appointed by PSMB to carry out the TNA exercise. The appointed consultant, Mr. Venkat was well organized and carried out the project as per the agreed schedule. The one-to-one consultancy session with the Heads of Departments was a good session which detailed the guidance and professional advice given to our HODs on identifying training needs for each department through organizational goals, gap analysis etc.

The training evaluation conducted was a fruitful session that enables our management to develop a proper training evaluation process. Mr. Venkat’s professional advice during this session enables us to improve our existing evaluation system.

In summary, the whole project enhanced our knowledge of the TNA process under the SME TNA Consultancy scheme and has enabled our HR Team to conduct the TNA process in a proper and systematic way. We received good guidance from MIHRM on the TNA exercise through the consultant, Mr. Venkat.