MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Malaysia’s Human Resource Professional Body & Recognized By The International Community


Who is qualified to become a member of MIHRM?

Those who are in the HR profession are qualified and also those who support the cause of MIHRM.

What activities does MIHRM organize ?

MIHRM organizes Tea-Talks, Public Programmes, Seminars, Conferences the annual Malaysia HR Awards and also various certification programmes to enhance the HR capabilities of practitioners.

Is MIHRM a Professional body and which international body is it affiliated to?

We are a professional body and are affiliated with WFPMA (World Federation of People Management Association). Our patron is the Honourable Minister of Human Resources.

What can I do to be a member of MIHRM?

You can register on-line to be a member and we will follow-up with you on the payment later.

Do members get any discount when attending activities or programmes organized by MIHRM?

Yes, members do get a discount of between 10-15%.