MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Malaysia’s Human Resource Professional Body & Recognized By The International Community


Human Resource Management is a profession that is continuously growing in demand and any graduate looking to enter this field will benefit from having enhanced certification from MIHRM. It shows that the candidate has the necessary know-how and is also conversant with industry practices.

Besides equipping the participants with the required skills, our certification programmes also benefit from close collaboration with industry partners through the various Industry groups that MIHRM is closely associated with – the HR Leaders Group, the HR Specialists Group and the HR Academic group.

We at MIHRM leave no stone unturned to ensure that this materializes and are successful in ensuring that the National Agenda is met. Universities are a fertile breeding ground for young talent.  Our close partnership with universities and colleges helps us to tap into this bottomless pit of young, energetic and skilled talent and mould them into vibrant, passionate and competent HR Professionals.


  1. Enhancing employability for new graduates
  2. Ensures competence on the job from Day 1 of work life
  3. Gives new graduates with CERTIFICATIONS a head up the job queue among thousands of graduates every year
  4. HR is one of the professions expected to survive in the next 10 years, so require people to be equipped with the right skill sets
  5. International Recognition of a universally accepted standard of job competencies


  1. Seasoned HR practitioners with industrial experience facilitating the programmes
  2. Globally Recognized Certification
  3. Complements Academic knowledge gained from Institutions of Higher Learning with practical experience & best practices shared from Industry
  4. Specifically tailored workshops for students from Institutions of Higher Learning with relevant exemptions as appropriate
  5. Higher level of industry engagement through HR Leaders, Specialists & Academic groups & Networking sessions