Certified Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be understood as a management concept and process that integrates social and enviromental concerns in business operations and company's interactions with the full range of its stakeholders.

In today's economic and social enviroment, issues related to social responsibility and sustainability are gaining more and more importance, espacially in the business sector. Business goals are inseparable from the societies and enviroments within which they operate. Whilst short-term economic gain can be pursued, the failure to account for longer-term social and enviromental impacts makes those business practices unsustainable.

The pogramme is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of CSR to help managers reach corporate, community and strategic goals. It also offers an extensive blend of theories and practices in this field. The programme serves as an excellent foundation for practicipants to understand in detail how to establish CSR projects that engage the community to have an impact to society in win-win situation.