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I knew this MIHRM course from our Nilai University, Head of Business School, Mr.Rao. He encourages all of us who are majoring in human Resource Management to take this course. As there are four different modules from this course, I have learnt a lot from different views compare to our university’s lecturer, what I learn in this situation from the real working world. i appreciate the four module leaders who tried their best to assist us to know more and prepare us for the future working world. All those knowledge is gonna be helpful to me for my future. Lastly the certificate of enrolling for this course is going to make my resume or CV more reliable.
- Thien Li Ming, 0009791(B.B.A. HRM), Sabah, Sandakan NILAI Student (CHRO Student)
I found out about this subject from my friends. This course has helped me to know more about HR and opened my mind about working life. Through this course, it also taught me about my right as an employee and how employee can help to improve the growth of an organization.
- Samantha Tay 000090003 F.T.Labuan NILAI University (CHRO Student)
I took the Certified Compensation & Benefits (C&B) Manager Program with the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) to be certified as a professional in this field. I am proud to be a certified professional in C&B, I have gained more than just training and education. I had the privilege of learning from the wide experiences of practising professionals, who shared their insights on the following topics such as local and international corporate practices in strategies and competitive compensation and rewards design and management and the technical skills in the development of a job evaluation system, equitable job grading structure supported by well positioned salary structure. I also had the opportunity to be recognized as the HR Manager of the Year 2014 and the HR Achievers Awards in the year 2016 by MIHRM. The HR Awards and the certification program helped in my career progression. It is also an affirmation of my skills and capabilities in HR practices. My sincere appreciation to the President of MIHRM and all management and staff of MIHRM for their kind support and guidance. Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) is truly a reputable and recognized HR Institute in Malaysia.
- Rebecca Khor Ying Ying Director, Head of Human Resources BNP Paribas Malaysia Berhad
Dr. Henry is an experienced mentor. He has shared a lot of his stories and experiences during training. Now I have more understanding about JA, JD, KPI & Appraisals, especially the importance of JD & JS and how it will affect all the HR activities.
- Participant, Understanding JA, JD, KPI & Appraisals, 12-13 Oct 2016
Excellent cases discussed, very experienced and would be back for more talks & training with this trainer.
- Participant on Employee Relations programme, HRM for Executives 9/12/2016
The programme structure is well planned and the information taught in the training was very good and informative. I learned so much that it can be used in my job. Mr. Chan, the trainer was also very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject.
- Participant in the Payroll Admin Skills in Compensation Management & The Laws, 21-22 Dec 2016
Good learning knowledge as the trainer shared a lot of live experiences
- Participant in the HR Planning, Talent Sourcing & Behavioral Interviewing Skills, 6-7 Dec 2016
Overall, the training helped me to know more about HR. In future I would recommend this programme / training to another to let my colleague know more about HR.
- Participant in in-house programme – HRM for Line Managers & Non-HR, 20-21 Jan 2016
Keep it up! Hope to see and join your session in future to enhance my knowledge
- Participant in in-house programme – HRM for Line Managers & Non-HR, 20-21 Jan 2016
MIHRM has been appointed by PSMB to carry out the TNA exercise. The appointed consultant, Mr. Venkat was well organized and carried out the project as per the agreed schedule. The one-to-one consultancy session with the Heads of Departments was a good session which detailed the guidance and professional advice given to our HODs on identifying training needs for each department through organizational goals, gap analysis etc. The training evaluation conducted was a fruitful session that enables our management to develop a proper training evaluation process. Mr. Venkat’s professional advice during this session enables us to improve our existing evaluation system. In summary, the whole project enhanced our knowledge of the TNA process under the SME TNA Consultancy scheme and has enabled our HR Team to conduct the TNA process in a proper and systematic way. We received good guidance from MIHRM on the TNA exercise through the consultant, Mr. Venkat.
- Ms. Yeoh Beng Choo Senior HR Executive “Excellent Consultancy”

Mr. Vincent Tan

GM, ATS Malaysia S/B
I know about his program from Head of Department of the Business School in Nilai University. I was interested with this program and decided to take this course. This program was conducted by experienced lecturers from outside. They were willing to share their own experience in their HR career to us and I think that is very helpful to me when I start working in real life. I got a lot of knowledge about HR that I couldn’t learn from textbooks. Thus, I am really glad that I have the chance to join this program.
- Lee Jing Wen 00010518, Bahau,Negari Sembilan NILAI University (CHRO Student)
I got to know about MIHRM by our Head of Department Mr.Rao .This program is very beneficial for our future job as this programme has helped us to learn the practical aspect of the HRM industry. Moreover, it has helped us to be aware and fully prepared for the upcoming challenges.
- Konai Farhat Khan, 00003450, Pakistan NILAI University (CHRO Student)
I am indeed grateful to my employer for sending me to MIHRM for Certified Human Resource Officer (CHRO) programme. MIHRM has been instrumental in helping me to gain much knowledge and confidence with my current job position. With the availability of their well thought-out HR Professional Certification Pathway structured programmes including a dedicated and committed team of professional lecturers and administrations, MIHRM has not only enabled me to convert my more than 10 years of experience into being recognized be awarded with a Professional Certificate at the end of the day, but also rewarding and enriched career ahead. Once again, thank you!
- Janet Voo Talent Management & Admin Manager KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital
I have just received my copy of the Annual Report Year 2015. Having read the annual report and also being a member (though not very active) for almost 20 years, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team to grow MIHRM. I am opined that your leadership is steering the growth of MIHRM to the right direction in terms of financial and good HR related activities are being initiated and executed. My best wishes are with you and your team and I am sure that by having the right people with the right attitude & aspiration as well as with the support and participation of your members, MIHRM will strive to even greater heights.
- Sarita Beram Shah Human Resource Manager HUBER+SUHNER (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD
“The Professional Diploma programme". ...the course has definitely helped me enhance my knowledge and given me great opportunity discovering new ideas from experienced lecturers of the same field.
- Sharan Pademhanaban Sen. HR Manager
"Found the course fun and interesting, and the content was relevant to work."
- Ms Shara Phang HR Executive
"A good opportunity for new HR Practitioner like me to network and learn from colleagues and lecturers with good coverage on the theoretical & practical aspects of HRM. Well experienced lecturers provide practical and sound advice both from strategic and operational erspective. A good starting point for me to venture further into HRM”
- Azmi Abdul Halim Senior Manager HR & Admin Toyota Auto Body Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.